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About us

Most of our visitors belong to one of 3 categories

Schools & Registered Charities interested in acquiring equipment within the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Project (MRR) - Use this link to go straight to the MRR area  of our site.


We operate the UK's only dedicated real time computer auction rooms from where we sell a wide range of ICT and related equipment

Private individuals and companies interested in purchasing equipment at our computer auctions - Use this link to go direct to our auction page -


Existing and potential clients who need information about our company because they are using, or considering using, our services - Please use this link to access the pages providing details of our services - 


If you need to contact us about anything else at all, please use this link or the details on the left of the page -enquiries@realnorth.co.uk

Northern Realisations was established in 1999 in order to provide services to Government & Public Sector bodies who were disposing of Information & Communications Technology Equipment.

We were founder members of the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Project in year 2000 and have provided continuous service to a number of Government Departments and corporate clients since those early days.

The introduction of the Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEED),  which recognised the importance of re-use for IT equipment has put Northern Realisations at the very forefront when it comes to taking forward HMG’s wishes on sustainability – we are normally able to demonstrate rates of equipment re-used & recycled in excess of 96%