refurbished computers for schools & registered charities

If you represent a school, registered charity  or voluntary body committed to education or training, you are eligible to participate in the recycling project we administer as Registered Refurbishers under the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Scheme (MRR) We can deliver a fully configured system with warranty and licensed operating software

This project has proven to be of great benefit to many schools.

All systems are offered with 90 days' Return to Base Warranty, Windows 7  Professional Operating software, mouse, keyboard and appropriate power and data cables

Prices include delivery to your school or nominated site anywhere in the UK mainland

Systems are used but in good cosmetic and functional condition. The peripherals are chosen to provide a cosmetic match for the base unit supplied.

Core-2duo laptops with Windows 7 Professional from £40.00 plus VAT

(Please enquire for current stocks)

For the first time we have sufficient stocks of good quality refurbished laptops to be able to offer them on general sale to eligible MRR recipients

Laptops will be supplied with Microsoft Refurbisher Windows 7 Professional operating system and are offered with Return to Base Warranty and delivery to your school or organisation


Please contact us at: 

to place your order - we will confirm delivery by return

IBM X61s

Please see below for desktop systems

WE currently have stock of the following configurations:

Thin client network terminal ( Wyse P25) with 15” tft monitor
Windows 7 Professional

£15.00 plus Vat
(Current stock 250+)

Pentium duo-core  system with 17” tft monitor ( Dell Optiplex gx760/ HP 7900)
Windows 7.00 Professional and

£25.00 plus VAT
 (Current stock 200+)

Core-2-duo  system with 19” tft monitor ( Dell 780, HP 6000)
Windows 7.00 Professional

£40 plus VAT
(Current stock 200+)

Core-i3 system with 19” tft monitor (Dell 3010 or similar)
Windows 7.00 Professional

£50 plus VAT
(Current stock 40+)

Core-2-duo laptop portable system( Dell 4300, Lenovo T400)
Windows 7.00 Professional

£40 plus VAT
(Current stock 50+)

Core-i3/i5 portable system with appropriate configuration ( Dell 4310, Lenovo x230i)
Windows 7.00 Professional

£60-90 plus VAT depending on specification.( Currently unavailable-

The above systems will be supplied with all necessary accessories for operation and usage: keyboard, mouse, cables and power adaptors where necessary

Operating software is supplied to eligible recipients within the Microsoft Community Refurbisher Program.

Registered Charities may purchase the full suite of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 applications for a surcharge of £5.00 plus VAT.

We are also able to supply a wide range of peripherals and options including printers/MFDs, network file and storage servers, switches etc, etc please mail to confirm your requirement.

The above prices include software as indicated, installed and updated, delivery to the recipient site, basic technical support and warranty.

To place an order, or to make further enquiries,

please email:

Telephone 01204 365911, or write to:

Northern Realisations Ltd , Albion Mill, St Marks St, Bolton

We will require an official order for any equipment supplied

Recipients of systems supplied under MRR will be required to acknowledge receipt of the MARS End user Licence Agreement