Specialised problems require specialist solutions.

The collection, handling and onward disposal of redundant IT Equipment has become an increasingly demanding operation

The implementation of the WEEE Directive imposed a range of requirements on any organization disposing of IT and business equipment.

Data Security has become, and remains, an equally sensitive issue.

We are an experienced, well run, financially sound and ethical company who have years of experience in the field and who are perfectly placed to work with you.


No waste is supplied to non-UK organisations.

No goods whatsoever are supplied to non-EU recipients.

The WEEE Directive recognises the value of re-use as an important contribution to minimising the impact of WEEE upon the environment.

Our core activity has always been the renovation, refurbishment and re-marketing of IT equipment and we are thus perfectly placed to take forward this aspect of the Directive.

To provide total assurance of compliance with legislation, we are registered with the Environment Agency as carriers of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, our site holds a Waste Management Licence and we are ISIO 14001:2004 registered.

Our downstream service partners are selected from their particular fields of speciality to ensure maximum recycling rates for all equipment channelled into materials reclamation

We have now implemented ZERO LANDFILL policies.

We assume producer responsibility Duty of Care for all goods handled.

Our energetic and innovative approach to the handling of WEEE allows our clients to demonstrate overall re-use & recycling rates for WEEE in excess of 96%


Blancco HMG v4.10 client erasure software has been  added to the CESG Directory of Infosec Assured Products, and will replace HMG v4.8 as our deletion product with effect from 12th November 2010

We understand that protection of client's data is paramount and our track record is second to none.

All equipment is collected by our own full time permanent workforce in our own GPRS tracked vehicles.

We operate a set of "Fail safe" data deletion destruction measures which are Infosec 5 compliant and which utilise only CESG approved products and procedures.

Hard Drive Destroyer

*We recognise the importance which our clients place on data security and operate fail safe procedures to protect clients' information.

Our primary data deletion tool is Blancco Data Eraser version (HMG)4.10 which was approved by CESG as an InfoSec/IA5 compliant product on September 29th 2010. We operate this at Enhanced Level

Use of this rigorous deletion routine ensures that the hard disc of any system upon which it is operated is completely clear of recoverable data, and we are thus able to remarket the equipment to provide a sustainable and cost effective solution to data sanitisation.

Where equipment is faulty, of no commercial value, or where the client has indicated that they wish hard disc media to be destroyed, we deploy the

EvarShred- EV-25-E hard disc destroyer to shred the drive.

The EV-25-E is also easily capable of destroying other media and devices- mobile phones. USB memory sticks, data tapes, etc

The EV-25-E is quasi -portable and can be taken to client sites and operated whilst mounted in one of our vans.

Please contact John Russell if you require any further information
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